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[Udemy Lessons] “Block” plane
The activity from Section 2 Lecture 26 of the Blender course challenges us to make a plane out of “blocks”. The lessons have been focusing on...

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[Udemy Lessons] Making objects out of basic shapes
I’m working on the Learn 3D Modelling – The Complete Blender Creator Course to get a better grasp on Blender. So far the lessons have been a little...

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Ursula Necklace Master Post
Project: 3D Printed “Ursula Necklace” from The Little Mermaid Related blog posts Conceptualizing the project and the first test print: “I finally found a real use...

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Shell necklace assembly
The instructions were pretty straightforward, the 3D printing required no adjustment but I did need to sand the opening on the back a little bit...

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John finished assembling the electronics for the necklace, but the code that was included with the tutorial isn’t quite working the way I wanted it...

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Printing the real shell
John bought some white filament and printed a couple of shells (it’s always good to have a backup just in case something terrible happens). I’m...

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“I finally found a real use for your 3D printer”
This year I decided I wanted to be Ursula from The Little Mermaid for Halloween. I spent several days trying to find a good tutorial...

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A “bigger” challenge
In the related videos for the forest assets tutorial, I saw this great timelapse of a low poly wolf, and decided to try my hand...

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And then I discovered PigArt
I’ve been harassing Aaron for roughly four and a half years now: “Why haven’t you made this game yet???” “You need to make this game!”...

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