Aaron’s Island

Back in 2012, my friend Aaron invented an awesome Myst-like puzzle game via instant messenger with one of our coworkers. We both agreed it had the potential to make an amazing video game and I offered to learn Blender to create the artwork for the game.


The original map

I downloaded the program when I got home from work, found some tutorials and set out to learn how to do 3D animation. How hard could it be?


This took me two hours


Such advanced techniques!

After a week of fumbling around trying to learn all the hotkeys and producing some pretty amazing looking “houses”, I understandably gave up.

Fast forward to September 2016, I am still thinking about how great this game would be and how it NEEDS to get made. So I started drawing out the map in Adobe Illustrator, thinking maybe if I start drawing this, it will get Aaron stoked about the game again.


I spent a few hours watching tutorials for isometric drawing in Illustrator and quite some time fighting with Illustrator trying to figure out why points wouldn’t snap to where I wanted them to snap to, leaving bizarre gaps in my structures, and slowly started to realize… maybe this would be easier if I learned how to use Blender for real this time.


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