And then I discovered PigArt

I’ve been harassing Aaron for roughly four and a half years now: “Why haven’t you made this game yet???” “You need to make this game!” and finally, the other day he asked me, “Why don’t you just make the game?”

Great question, Aaron. Why DON’T I make this game?

So I’ve decided to try learning Blender again. Now that I have some purpose (and a better map to go on) I felt like maybe I had a chance to make some progress.

I found this awesome video by PigArt on YouTube:

and then found this tutorial he made for low poly forest assets:

I figured, I’m going to need to know how to make trees and rocks and stuff for the game, so why not start with that?

I copied this tutorial exactly and learned a TON of stuff in Blender. This video taught me way more than I’d learned from the lessons I’d tried a few years ago.


A huge improvement over the house I made 4 years ago


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