“I finally found a real use for your 3D printer”

This year I decided I wanted to be Ursula from The Little Mermaid for Halloween. I spent several days trying to find a good tutorial online for her shell necklace. I initially imagined constructing something out of either craft foam or polymer clay, then using small LEDs for a miniature Christmas tree to make it light up. That is, until I came across this Adafruit kit, complete with 3D printing pattern, assembly instructions, and code.

I texted John that I’d finally found an actual use for his 3D printer 🙂

We did a test print with some blue filament we already had and it turned out amazingly:

photo-10-09-10-06-35-am photo-10-09-10-07-08-am


Removing the supports


Ready for sanding


The hollowed out area for the electronics


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