[Udemy Lessons] “Block” plane

The activity from Section 2 Lecture 26 of the Blender course challenges us to make a plane out of “blocks”. The lessons have been focusing on extruding shapes and the example shown is essentially creating something out of wooden blocks. Being the overachiever that I am, I googled toy planes and decided to recreate this little guy:


It took me a couple of hours because I had some trouble figuring out how to “hollow out” existing shapes, but I am very excited to have learned the Boolean Modifier function and how to exclude overlapping areas now! The cylinder doohickeys in the plane engine were also a fun challenge because I didn’t know how to duplicate objects around an arbitrary point in space. I tried to figure out how to do arrays, but after several attempts, I gave up and just duplicated the object nine times and rotated it around the 3D cursor instead.


I had a lot of fun and definitely learned a lot. It’s a huge challenge to have to keep trying to make my brain get off 2D cruise control and think about how to do things in 3D! I keep defaulting back to Illustrator hotkeys when I’m not paying attention. I have no idea what spacebar does in Blender, but it’s definitely not the hold and drag tool, that’s for sure.

plane-detail plane-frontdetail plane-sidedetail


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