Ursula Necklace Master Post

Project: 3D Printed “Ursula Necklace” from The Little Mermaid


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Conceptualizing the project and the first test print: “I finally found a real use for your 3D Printer”

Project update 1: Printing the real shell

Proof of concept build: LED/mic check

Assembly + code: Shell necklace assembly

Cost breakdown of this project

Flora Arduino: $14.95
NeoPixel LED Ring: $9.95
Lithium Ion Battery: $5.95
Microphone: $6.95
Micro Lipo USB charger $5.95
BAMtack! White PLA Filament – 1 kg spool: $21.99
Gold glass paint: $0.92
Velvet cord: $3.49
Silver chain — 2 m: $3.99
Lobster clasps — 20 ct: $2.99

TOTAL: $77.13



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