We ordered a 3d printer off Chinese Ebay

Alright, well, not exactly Chinese Ebay. But we almost did. This was just normal ebay with the seller based in China. We found a printer that was $5 cheaper and would arrive a lot sooner (it was the exact same printer).

Unfortunately, the acrylic frame cracked during shipping, so It will be a little while before I can start assembling the printer. I’ve already contacted the company and they are sending me the new style frame.


Acrylic frames are not the best when it comes to 3d printers, but after doing a lot of research and talking to a lot of people, the one thing I found is that if you REALLY want to get to know how a 3d printer works, get the cheapest one available and “let it break”. While fixing the printer, I’ll learn more about how everything works and how to properly troubleshoot printer problems.


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